Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sleeping Bag Snacks.

This tasty treat I decided to make at home after being charged $4.50 for  1 roll at Dusos on Granville Island (whatta rip!) I was shocked that they even put it in a huge container that was the size of a kleenex box (so unnecessary). I ended up get two bunches of asparagus at the produce stand on the left of Dusos for $6 and the prosciutto was $4.50 for 100grams at Oyama Sausage just to the right of Dusos. This snack literally took me 10 mins, just sautéed the asparagus, wrapped it up in prosciutto and sprinkled fresh parmesan. 
With the second bunch of asparagus I made a different variation. I spread sun dried tomato cream cheese on medium sliced smoked turkey breast, plopped in a slice of spicy chorizo (leftover from pizza making, will post later), added some spinach leaves then the asparagus and rolled into a delicious sleeping bag snack! 

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