Monday, December 7, 2009

Asparagus Rolls

You have to excuse the poor quality photo, I forgot to take a nice pic of this platter before leaving the house :(
 I used to work for Yellow Rose Catering Co. in Kelowna about 7 years ago and I still remember  the delicious asparagus rolls they used to make, and i'd get to snack on the leftovers from the weddings :) I attempted making these tasty morsels for my potlatch christmas party and they were a huge success. 
This is how I made them.
First I warmed up 2 bars of plain cream cheese in a med size bowl then added some cream, about a tablespoon of creamed horseradish and fresh ground pepper. 
Then I spread the cream cheese on a slice of meat (I used mesquite turkey and rosemary ham) placed a spear of picked asparagus on top and rolled up, then cut into bite size pieces and stabbed with a fancy toothpick. I used some parsley to garnish the plate as well as the jalapeno and garlic from the pickled asparagus jar. It only took me about 45mins to shop for all the ingredients and prepare the platter. Happy Holidays :)

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