Friday, December 4, 2009

The Diavola

I've never been much of a pizza lover but my boyfriend introduced me to Ragazzi Pizza Co. and after trying some of their lip-smacking pizzas I too became a fan. Two of our favorites are the Cacciatore & the Diavola. I wanted to attempt making something like the Diavola at home. I headed to the market and got most of my ingredients from Dusos including the pizza dough. Since I don't have a round platter or a rolling pin I just stretched out the dough on a cookie sheet after throwing it in the air a few times like a real pizza maker. Then I spread on the pizza sauce, put on a layer of spicy capicollo, added olives, roasted garlic, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes and asiago cheese. I like it nice and crispy and it took about 35 mins in the oven at 350 degrees, its best to keep an eye on it and take it out when its just the way you like it. 

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