Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rushed Rice Cake Gourmet

I whipped up this tasty treat tonight and couldn't help but share right away!
You know those nights when you hit the gym after work on an empty stomach and during your shavasana pose at the end of yoga you are warning your tummy not to wake up your neighbor?!?! Well thats exactly the kind of night I had, all I could think of was what am I gonna eat after? I knew I wanted to make something at home. It had to be healthy. Had to be quick and tasty too. During my exalted warrior pose I remembered I had some nice organic brown and buckwheat rice cakes in the cupboard so I started there. Hmmm, what next how bout some hummus... yeah! Then I'll add some tomato, basil and balsamic like that amazing appie at Earls! (I think I will always be addicted to the food there! lol). Unfortunately by the time I was starving, the Granville market was closed so I was forced to go to Price Smart yet again. Surprisingly they had Hot House Okanagan tomatoes that I snatched up in a jiffy, then I grabbed some organic chic peas and just behind me I was enticed by a bottle of spicy chipotle sauce, so I grabbed that along with an avocado and some sweet organic basil on the way out. When I walked into my place I turned on the tube to So You Think You Can Dance and began gabbin on the phone with a good ol' friend.
I tossed the chic peas in the blender along with a heaping table spoon of Tahini, juice of a fresh lime, 3 cloves of garlic, about a teaspoon of chipotle sauce and a substantial flow of olive oil. The blender was not moving the way it should so to thin the hummus up a bit I poured in some apple cider vinegar which worked like a charm and tasted delightful too.
Then I doused the rice cake with my hummus concoction and topped it off with chopped basil, avocado and Okanagan tomatoes. Lastly I drizzled with Norna Pia's Gourmet Strawberry Fig balsamic reduction and seasoned with tuxedo Maison Cote tuxedo pepper and black sea salt. To top it off I garnished with a 7 week old piece of fresh basil from my balcony garden! What a scrumptious treat!


  1. Looks extrodinary Alisha! I enjoyed your 'cherry-on-top' with the balcony basil!! ;) I've been thinking it'd be fun to take a raw cooking class sometime- would you be interested in doing something like that in the future? Anyhow- keep the tasty-looking eccentric recipes flowing! Hummus is one of my favorites(...good with apple cider vin too!? curious!;) PS Snazzy logo btw!

  2. Yeah I would love to do that! The cider vinegar was a nice touch to give it a nice consistency and zing :)