Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian Prosciutto Pom Salad

For my grandmothers Canada Day BBQ she assigned me with salad duty. Instead of just whipping up something ordinary, I took this as an opportunity to create a dish reflecting a little Canadian pride!
I used a base of organic greens and arugula topped with sliced fennel, red onions and red peppers.
My next layer was comprised of mild Canadian prosciutto with creamy Okanagan Goat cheese
from Dussa's Ham and Cheese on Granville Island. I topped it off with a pile of juicy pomegranate
seeds and a drizzle of my favorite original Little Creek salad dressing.

***The secret to seeding a pomegranate is slicing it in half from top to bottom if the nub is ontop.
Then face the open part into a bowl and start banging the skin, then the seeds will fall out like shaking apples out of a tree.
Happy Canada Day!!!

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