Friday, October 23, 2009

Nutty Chicken with Whiskey Carrots & Mashed Truffle Fingerlings

After stocking up on a huge bag of produce from Granville Islands last farmers market of the season I just had to grab a couple chicken breasts and get creative in the kitchen. 
How I made the Nutty Chicken; what I did was use my little nut grinder (top left picture) to make a combination of walnut and almond flakes then I put them in a bowl and added paprika, tumeric and fresh oregeno in another bowl I squeezed fresh juice out of a mandarin orange and added a splash of my homemade rosewater. Then I put the chicken breast in the liquid and then the dry nut mixture. Next I placed a fresh green onion in the middle of the chicken breast along with a strip of cave aged gruyere cheese and rolled up the breast and stuck into the oven for 25 mins at 350. 
For the carrots I simmered them in our cast iron pan in organic chicken stock for about 12mins then added a splash of maple syrup, splash of whiskey and handful of fresh dill for the last few minutes. Now the reason I always use a cast iron pan while cooking is because teflon is harmful to the environment and also can cause health problems such as birth defects and infertility. I used chicken stock instead of olive oil because once olive is heated up it looses its nutritional value. 
I boiled a couple handfuls of my little red fingerling potatoes then threw them in my favorite hand processor (my grandmother gave me for my birthday) with about half a cup of milk, a couple table spoons of mushroom truffle oil, a couple teaspoons of white pepper and a few sprinkles of salt. Viola! I topped it all off with a fresh cut fig.
It was all pretty good, the carrots were perfect and my bf especially loved the hint of whiskey I added. Upon deliberation we both came to the conclusion that the chicken needed something else to add a little spice, perhaps some red chillies.... The mashed potatoes were good too but needed something to offset the natural bitterness of the fingerlings. 

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