Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coco Apple Zinger

This Coconut, Apple, Ginger Shake is my new favorite! It is refreshing, smooth and packed full of nourishing goodness!
First, Juice 4 *organic apples (I like BC pink ladies) and 2 little nubs of ginger.
Add to blender with the following ingredients:
-Coconut Water (hydrating detoxifier!)
-Coconut Oil (does wonders for hair, skin & stress)
-Hemp Hearts (rich source of protein and Omega's)
Blend with 4 ice cubes and serve :)

*Always buy Organic Apples*
The FDA states that more pesticides are found on apples than any other vegetable or fruit! When the Environmental Working Group tested conventionally grown apples, they discovered as many as 36 pesticides on the apples. The pesticides that were detected have been linked to damages to the human reproductive system, damages to the brain and nervous system, including decreased intelligence and increased attention problems in children, and damages to the immune system. The pesticides penetrate right into the flesh of the apples so you can't just scrub them away!
Studies from Britain and France reveal organic apples have greater concentrations of nutrients. Cornell University researchers concluded that apple consumption could be an effective strategy for cancer prevention and that the phytonutrients in organic apples may actually reduce breast tumors.

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